SGG Diamant Glass

The photo illustrates both SGG Diamant and ordinary clear glass. The glass on the top is ordinary transparent glass. Note the green edge. The glass on bottom is SGG Diamant. Note the clearer edges as compared to the greener edges of regular glass.

SGG Diamant transmits up to 92% of visible light, depending on thickness and is a high quality clear float glass with exceptional clarity and high light transmission. Often called “low-iron” or “extra white” because it does not have the dark green tint characteristic of ordinary clear float glass when viewed from the edge.

SGG Diamant can be used single- or double-glazed. Especially suitable in applications where high visual clarity and minimal color distortion is required such as display cabinets, shop fronts, in banks, or public buildings. SGG Diamant is also used in solar panels. Ideal in security glazing when thick laminated constructions are required.

Features and Benefits:
Exceptionally high light transmittance gives clear and undistorted vision and maximizes natural daylight. It minimizes the barrier between the interior and exterior environment and between items on display and the observer.

Prevents color distortion.

Optimizes solar gain in solar panels.

Can be laminated to provide safety, security and added acoustic performance as well as to stop fading of paintings, fabrics and furnishings by ultra-violet radiation.

Can be tempered for safety performance and to improve physical and thermal strength.

Can be curved to achieve exciting design effects.

Can be incorporated in double-glazed units to provide multi-functional glazing including solar control, thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, safety and security glazing.

This glass is not totally colorless and a light green tint will become more apparent when viewed in larger pieces against a dark background.


SGG Diamant shown on bottom, ordinary transparent glass on top.

SGG Diamant is similar to Starphire by PPG, Optiwhite by Pilkington Glass and Krystal Klear by AGC

SGG Diamant Glass
stocked dimentions

Thickness Maximum Size Temperable
6mm – 1/4″ 78 3/4″ x 126″ Yes
10mm – 3/8″ 78 3/4″ x 126″ Yes
12mm – 1/2″ 78 3/4″ x 126″ Yes
19mm – 3/4″ 78 3/4″ x 126″ Yes