Diamant – Low Iron

For an ultra-clear aesthetic with exceptionally high light transmittance, consider SGG Diamant glass from Saint Gobain, available in the following thicknesses from TGC:

Diamant - Low IronStocked Sheet Sizes at TGC
1/4" - 6mm78-3/4" x 126"
3/8" - 10mm78-3/4" x 126"
1/2" - 12mm78-3/4" x 126"
3/4" - 19mm78-3/4" x 126"
*Full cases available , tempering available*cut to size options available

SGG Diamant transmits up to 92% of visible light, depending on thickness, and is a high-quality clear float glass with exceptional clarity and high light transmission.  The low iron content offers exceptional clarity and reduces the typical green tint characteristic of ordinary float glass.  In the image above, note the clear, muted edge of the Diamant (bottom piece) compared to the green hue of the ordinary float glass (top piece).