Bullet Resistant Assemblies

Bullet Resistant Door and Window Assemblies

Traditionally, bullet resistant door and window assemblies are made with steel framing, compromising aesthetics for safety. With our partnership with Safewood Designs, TG is proud to offer bullet resistant assemblies that offer protection levels ranging from levels 1 through 8 with patented wood frames and jambs available in various wood finishes.

Bullet-Resistant Assemblies:

• Windows
• Doors and Sidelites
• Transaction windows
• Storefront Systems
• Ballistic Barn Doors
• Wall Panels
• Rolling Safe Shield system

It is important to verify local codes and requirements for use of bullet-resistant glass. A proper, certified framing system is typically required to maintain code-compliant protection

Looking for bullet resistant glass products? Torstenson is a distributor of bullet-resistant glass from Safewood Designs. A variety of makeups are available with various levels of protection tested to UL752 standards (levels 1-10). Click here to learn more.

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