Pilkington Mirropane

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Ideal for surveillance, security and administrative applications, Pilkington Mirropane is a one-way mirror that creates a visual barrier between subjects and their observers, where clear and discreet vision is required. The durable pyrolytic coating allows for easy handling, tempering, laminating and insulating of the product.

Design Considerations:

  • Orientation – Install Pilkington Mirropane with the reflective surface facing the brightly lit subject-side.
  • Type of Lighting – Subject-side lighting should be bright and evenly distributed over all walls and furnishings, but should not shine directly on the one-way mirror. Observer side lighting should be dimmer in comparison.
  • Distances – maintain a minimum one foot distance from the glass on the observer side for optimal results.
  • Cleaning – Use standard glass cleaners or mild detergents.

Mirroview Data Sheet

Pilkington MirropaneStocked Sheet Sizes at TGC
1/4" - 6mm72" x 130"
*Product can be tempered*cut to size options available
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