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Torstenson Glass is proud to offer Glasio acoustic glass panels from Aveton. Glasio panels are made of Czech crystal, and available in a wide range of colors.

The unique composition of the panels provides superior sound absorption while not sacrificing on design and aesthetics. Applications include educational facilities, theater/conference rooms, concert halls, and anywhere where acoustic performance is important.

Product makeup – Lead-free Czech crystals (also known as Bohemian crystal) thermally bonded into individual panels, with no other additives, fillers, or binders.

  • Standard panel size: 40” x 18”
  • Standard panel thickness: 11/16”
  • Standard panel weight: approximately 30 lbs/panel

Impact tested – A welded steel mesh is baked into each panel giving it impact ratings suitable for areas subject to human impact.

Non-flammable – system is non-combustible, comprised of recycled crystal glass, stainless steel mesh, and aluminum framing.

Installation – Glasio panels are installed on vertical locations utilizing an aluminum profile framing system (link installation pdf). Overall system depth, once installed, is approximately 2-1/2”.

Glasio website link

Glasio Impact Certification
Glasio Sound Test Report
GLASIO Installation Guide

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