Pilkington Avisafe

Every year, nearly 600 million birds are killed due to collisions with building facades, with glass being the primary cause of the problem.  Torstenson is now proud to offer a solution to this problem with the Avisafe “bird-friendly” glass product from Pilkington.  The Avisafe product is designed to minimize bird collisions through an innovative UV-enhanced coating that disrupts the reflection of the glass, allowing birds to visualize a barrier and ultimately avoid contact with the glass.

Product information

  • Highly durable UV coating on #1 surface
  • Passes the WIN test with threat factor of 13
  • Highly visible to birds with minimal aesthetic impact to the human eye
  • Available as an insulated glass Unit with various thicknesses and makeups
  • Sizes available up to 88” x 126” with vertical pattern orientation
  • Existing buildings can be retrofitted with Avisafe bird-friendly glass

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